Sunday, April 19, 2009, 3:16 PM

1:09 AM

Words just cant come out from my mouth.
I'm sorry. So, i shall post here!

1st, i would like to thank ruijing & hafiz, the great leader, the great friend of mine. My strong pillar, supporting me always. I seriously would miss working tgt in ytwo with u two! I would definitely remember the faces you two had in ytwo. The most handsome faces in ytwo! :D Thank you so much! I have thousands and thousands of thank you to say to you two!

2nd, i would like to thank Mr chew and Mrs chew. Thanks for guiding and teaching me to be a "musician" :) I can play clarinet & saxophone. Deep in my heart, Mr chew is the best conductor in this big and round earth! It is you that made me have no self-doubt. This self-doubt would seriously be a great principle i have in my life when im out in the society. I would never forget what you have taught us/me since the day i stepped into ytwo. The things you talked to us about in band would definitely teach us how to be a better person in life! Thank you so much! Mrs chew, i would like to thank you too. I really enjoyed chatting with you. You are such a friendly and pretty lady! (: It was only not long ago then i started to talk to you. I regretted it. But, never mind. I will go to your house to visit you, have dinner with you. I will treat you and Mr chew dinner when i got my first pay for work which is how many years later? i dont know. x: Thanks for everything! :D

3rd, i would like to thank my good buddies in ytwo, feliciatan, jarron, yuting,fareha, jasmine, phyllis, pinrong, cangy, feliciatoh, amanda, boonyee, ayyeed (ruijing & hafiz are included). Thank you! Thanks for being with me in ytwo. You all are the one who makes my life filled with joy and happiness. I'm glad that i have you guys. You guys will be remembered by LEESUXIAN! :D Each and everyone of your faces, i had already captured it and put it deep in my heart, my brain!

4th, i would like to thank the Clarinet section! Although i'm not playing the holey black instrument, which is quite cool, im still a clarinettist! Always right. Thank you for still regarding me as a clarinettist. I'm seriously very grateful! The juniors, jiayou okay! I know you guys can do it. Be the strongest section alright. You guys have my full support!

5th, i would like to thank the Saxophone section! Although i have been with you all for only 1 year+, i still feel that i belong to this section. It is you all that makes me feel that. I thank you all very much. As for yanli, you are the only senior now. Jiayou okay. You need to be independent and do your best to support the section. I know you can do it cox you're my great junior. You can feel free to call me and talk to me if you need to. I will always be there for you! :D

6th, i would like to thank the chiefs, QM, Secretary, Librarian and treasurer. You guys are the best! You guys are the leaders' supporting pillar. Without you all, there's no us. Im so proud to have you all as the chief. Thanks for working so hard! I really appreciate it. THANKSSSSSS! :D

Lastly, i would like to thank ytwo. Thank you very much. Although i dnt motivate you all, you all still gave me respect. I appreciated it. Without your cooperation, this batch of ytwo would not be here now. Im sorry to have shouted at you all today,giving you all 'black' face but i hope you guys understand how i felt when time is passing and wasted. Each and everyone of you are the stepping stones to the success of ytwo. YTWO ROCKS. You guys rock! Other sections are great too! Continue your good work, dont ever ever get lazy. Treaure every minute and seconds you have.(:

I wish all of you all the best for your future endeavor and sec4s jiayou for your 'o' level examinations. Ytwo members are smart people! :D
I'm proud to be part of YTWO!

Thursday, April 9, 2009, 12:14 AM

Just 3 simple words.

Thursday, April 2, 2009, 12:34 AM

Happy April fool's day!
Failed to fool mr chew.
Our bags were outside &
yet we wanted to lied tht many of our members didnt cme for band tdy.
But, that was funny! : DDD
Never mind, we will try harder next year.
I will still come back after stepping down. (:


Friday, March 20, 2009, 11:34 PM

I have only some of the photos, seriously some.
Let's wait for other crazy clarinettist to upload the photos! :D

Oh! Clarinet section outing to SENTOSA was fun.
Thankyou guys.
I enjoyed it so so so so much although it was so tiring to walk here & there(from north of sentosa to the south: exaggerated) tht i need to crawl home.
For next section outing, let's go to NIGHT SAFARI!
Clarinettists rock!

Saxophonists are sexy!

YTWO, enjoy your playing!
Relax and no self-doubt! We can do it. GO Y2.


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